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See deleted contacts

is there a way to see a list of deleted contacts from Mautic?

Since there are multiple ways to delete contacts (automatically and manually) is there a log where these deletions are stored?

Or a way (maybe via plugin) to keep track of contacts that are deleted?

Thank you

Deleted is deleted. I know, that has a plugin, that achieves something similar.

Good luck.

I think this plugin is up to Mautic 3.3.3, not 4.0 tested.

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Thank you @joeyk .

I asked this because we are trying to develop a simple syncronization between Mautic and our custom made platform. The idea is that leads inside mautic should be copied ans synced inside our platform as well.

But that’s the easy part. What we also want to achieve is to be able to delete contacts from out custom made platform when they are removed from Mautic. So, for example, knowing the contact ID who’s been deleted would be enough.

Is there anything for that? Like a log? Or a way to automatically tell our system that a contact has been deleted?

This can be already achieved very easily.
There is a “contact deleted” event in Mautic webhooks. You can capture the payload and delete the contact in your system.

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