Disable auto-create contacts

Is there a way to disable system contact creation when any page url visited?

It seems every time some visits the mautic url directly instead of click a form, it creates contact. It would be good to disable contact creation on invalid URLs with valid mautic URL domain prefix.

There are 2 things you can do

  1. switch this on in config area > tracking settings

  2. Setup a segment where you filter out these bot signups, view this forum post for more details
    Contacts Created by Bots


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There is no “Do Not Track 404 …” in Tracking settings

Which version of Mautic do you have @elsaadj

version 4.0.1

It should be there - have you checked against a fresh install to see if there is a difference?

I don’t have access to fresh install. Here what I get,

Admin gear icon
Settings → Configuration, click tracking settings, got 3 thing there

  1. Mautic tracking settings:
    Insert following code at the …
    Identify visitor by tracking url: Yes
    Anonymize IP: No
    Identify visitors by IP: No

  2. Facebook Pixel

  3. Google Analytics

There is no “do not track 404 error for anonymous contacts” Yes/No

@elsaadj We have always ensured we are on the latest version. It might be worth your while to upgrade your installation to get this feature.

Upgraded to latest 4.2.0, still feature is missing in tracking settings.

Sorry, it is showing up in 4.2.0.
Do Not Track 404 error for anonymous contacts → YES

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