Do something "datetime field +2 hours"

I have a problem. I need to send out an email 2 hours after a datetimefiled value.
I don’t want to run cyclical campaigns (check if its valid now, if not jump back)

“now” doesn’t seem, to work.
+2 hours, +120 minutes doesn’t seem to work.

This datetime can be any time in working hours, every day of the week.

Any idea? :slight_smile:

Hi Joey! I don’t have a solution where you don’t need to check cyclical, but I would solve it as follows:

  1. Create a segment that filters on the datetime field with “equals” on “today”
  2. Start a campaign from that segment. It checks if it’s 2 hours after that datetime field value now. If not, it jumps to the dummy (could be something like contact field value email is not empty) and checks again in 1 hour. If yes, it sends the email (either immediately or configure specific hours, e.g. wait 0 days and send between 8AM and 6PM)


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