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Do you use gated video on landing pages? [poll]

Hi folks!

We are trying to get a sense for how many people are using the gated video feature on landing pages. At present we do not have this feature in the new GrapesJS builder, or the expertise to build it, so we would need to assign community funds or find a developer with the skills to build it.

It would be really helpful to know how much this feature is actually used, to understand whether this is a worthwhile use of our time and funds!

Do you use the gated video feature in landing pages?
  • Yes, I use the gated video feature and I would miss it if it was not there
  • Yes, I use the gated video feature but I would not miss it
  • No, I do not use this feature

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Can you please clarify about what exactly is missing? Is it just the GrapeJS builder’s ability to add new gated videos to landing page? Or are existing gated videos not working as well? What about gated videos that are already present on landing pages? Or gated videos that we embed outside of mautic landing pages using this syntax: <video data-form-id="16" data-gate-time="136"></video>

There is no block within the new GrapesJS builder to allow folks to insert a video with the gated settings on a landing page - this was custom written for the Froala editor used in the legacy builder (no longer in use), and we did not have the resources to create such a block with GrapesJS before we launched with the 4.0 release.