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How to create a “dynamic” segment in which only those who opened my last 3 campaigns sent are included.

Hi guys, as you know I’m new to mautic and I’m doing a lot of research (on the forum and on google)

And a doubt arose, would it be possible to create a dynamic segment?

For example:

Let’s imagine I sent 5 campaigns
Juan is a subscriber who of the 5 campaigns I sent him has only opened 2 campaigns (The first and the second)

So the segment would be: everyone who opened the last 3 campaigns

John received:

The first Campaign, The second Campaign, The third Campaign, The fourth Campaign, The fifth Campaign

But he only opened:

The first Campaign, The second Campaign

He didn’t even open The third Campaign, The fourth Campaign, The fifth Campaign

Then Juan will not enter the dynamic segment: they opened my last 3 campaigns sent.

But if Juan checks his email and opens the last campaign Juan would leave the segment.

Then Juan would receive a sixth campaign.

So if Juan doesn’t open that sixth campaign he would re-enter that segment.

It would be a way to have a dynamic segment with active subscribers.

Is it possible to create something like this in mautic?

Other tools like activecampaign have it and MAUTIC IS MUCH BETTER AND I THINK IT SHOULD HAVE IT.

I hope you can help me.

These errors are showing in the log:

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

I assume you mean Emails as Campaigns.

This is already possible.
You can set a segment like this:

These are the people who READ any of those emails.

Now you need to exlude them from the segment, that you want to make:

Hola @joeyk! :sunglasses:
thanks for answering.

Actually, I did find that option, but it really isn’t what I said I wanted to achieve.

Sorry Joey I think I didn’t say it right (I don’t speak English and I use google translate) :frowning:

In that example that you share “you must manually choose” the emails, and I was referring to a segment that is “automatic” in terms of the last 3 emails.

That is, put for example the condition:

“opened the last 3 emails”

so that regardless of whether I sent 5 or 10 or 20 emails, that segment will be automatically updated and "automatically would include the contacts that opened the last 3 emails (in this way I would not have to manually choose the emails but it would be “dynamic or automatic”)

So if, for example, I want to send an email with an offer only to those who opened the last 3 emails, I would choose that segment knowing that the segment was automatically updated and it will only send to the contacts who opened the last 3 emails.


P.S. I love the music of the videos on the youtube channel :smiley:

As long as we kinda understand each other it’s fine :smiley:
Last 3 “segment emails” is really broaden, we need to be more specific.
I would probably use the “Last Active Date” > 3 weeks.


You should use the genius in Mautic: you get a 360 view of your client: email opens + web tracking.
People sometimes won’t open the last 3 emails, but still interested, and visit your website.

Maybe this helps.
PS: Keep automating :smiley:

Hello @joeyk !!!

Thank you for always being there helping, that motivates us to continue researching and testing and mastering mautic.

Joey, I’m still stuck on that question.

The solution you give me is correct and I love it since it takes 360 activity, but I would always have to create and create segments and as long as it is not “automatic” that segment unless I edit the segment over and over again as needed.

What do I mean? I explain to you…

If I choose the option that you tell me: “last activity does…” the calendar appears to choose dates and I would be able to use it for a “one-off” campaign.

If I send a second campaign 1 month later, that segment created “last activity 3 weeks ago” would no longer work since when creating it I must choose a date that "would be obsolete…

I don’t know how to explain it, I have it in my head hahaha let’s see if with this example:

Let’s imagine that today is January 22 and I want to send that email, I make a last activity segment:
All those who had activity in the last 3 weeks (or 21 days that would be from January 1 to January 21) taking into account that I sent you an email on January 22, that email would be perfect.

But… if I want to send another campaign on February 15 to the segment I did on January 22 called “last activity 3 weeks ago” it would no longer work for me… taking into account that when creating that segment I chose in the calendar the last 3 weeks (21 days) so when creating it I chose from January 1 to 21.

Ideally, this segment would always be updated automatically so that if on February 15, when I want to send the new campaign to the “last activity 3 weeks ago” segment, I can send it to those who had activity between January 24 and February 14 and not the ones from January 1 to 21 that I chose when creating the segment.

This would also make that segment “automatic” in which contacts would enter and leave according to their activity.

I don’t know if that is currently possible.

Thanks and hugs from Madrid!


You can create a filter with dynamic timing:

Date last active less then -21 days

Means longer in the past then 3 weeks ago from today.

Waao @joeyk always attentive to the community :man_technologist:

So, instead of choosing the date from the calendar (in the event that it is for example 7 days)
should i write it? would look like this:

is it correct or is it not?

Thanks boss :sunglasses:

Yes, just nor ‘contiere’ but ‘menos que’ :wink:
You are welcome.

Good moorning @joeyk


here I am again to continue in a free moment that I have :smiley: :man_technologist:

I follow your instructions and my segment will be called in this example “last activity 7 days ago”

so the filter is:

“last activity date” “less than or equal to” “-7days”

this follows the screenshot you sent.
if he left it like this don’t load contacts, then he proceeded to take the other screenshot you sent:

and add the filter:

“segment membership” “excluding” and here I have the question==>“clicks from emails”

So “mails clicks” is the name of the segment you used in the example?

If I put:
“Segment Membership” “excluding” “last activity date”

Where “last activity date” is the name of my segment it gives me this error:

The update cannot be completed because the current filters conflict with filters in another segment. Make sure your segment filters don’t create impossible or contradictory conditions (for example, segment A must be a member of segment B and segment B must be a member of segment A).

So… I’m stuck.

My idea is to have that segment that is updated automatically.

A hug
P.S. I use your advice Mautic 360 that’s why I use the last activity filter and no open email