Different newbie questions ;-)


I’m new to mautic and have some different questions about some things and behaviour in mautic.

1.) What is a good way to reach all contacts with a campaign? Do I have to create a segment for this with something like “id is not emty”? But there is no filter for the id. Maybe something like “points greater than -5”? What is an good approach for this (to have a segment with all contacts)?

2.) In the detail view of an contact I have no function to change the segments as described at https://www.mautic.org/docs/en/contacts/contact_overview.html. What can be the reason for this?

3.) Is there a way to print the current date / todays date in an email? Is there a placeholder for this?

4.) How can I format a date in an email? I tried different variants of {contactfield=last_active | date} but there is no date-output in the mail.

5.) Next to this: Is it possible to output something like a “calculated date” in an email? I wont to print out the number of days since the last active date.

6.) Is it possible to send a email in a campaign at a specific time? There is the possiblity to set a date and a time, but is there also a way to define that an automatic mail should be send every day at a specific time?

7.) I really like the event listing in the contact details. I’m wondering why this output of events is not available in segments or campaigns too.

Hope you can help me with this!

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Your software
My Mautic version is: v2.16.0
My PHP version is: 7.1.33

These errors are showing in the log: No errors in log


  1. email not empty maybe?

  2. I don’t know to be honest maybe it was an old feature and the docs are outdated? I don’t think it makes senses to manually add user to a segment since they will be moved out if the conditions for that user don’t match. Maybe you can create a segment using tags or any other field and add them that way instead?

  3. You could use this plugin to add dynamic templates and then you can use something like this in your TWIG block {{ "now"|date("m/d/Y") }} this will render the current date in the email

  4. Answer 3 might also help with this.

  5. I think TWIG might also help with this but not :100:% sure :slight_smile:

6 and 7 don’t know sorry


  1. “email is not empty” as the defining rule for your segment, then use this segment in a campaign, or do a segment email. Using a campaign will provide opportunities for additional rules (what if they read, but didn’t click, etc…)

  2. I know you can do it from the contacts list, by checking in the radio box for a particular contact and unfolding the action menu on top. Change segments, change contacts, etc…

  3. Best is to rely on Mautic API for that, IMO. Mautic does not really re-send the same email unlimited times. You can have one campaign with 5 branches to send it 5 times, provided you didn’t set it as “Marketing email”.

Thanks for your reply and your help! I will take a look at the TWIG-Plugin - this looks really like a good solution for different of my question.

To 2.) But changing the segment is a multiple function in the data-table-view of the contacts but not in the single view? Maybe I just should ignore this and use the multiple function instead.

To 4.) I also tried the filter “| date(“m/d/Y”)” for the last active date in email but also no output. I don’t understand how to use/set these kind of format-filter in emails.

ad (2): The feature is just a little bit hidden :slight_smile:

  • In detail view (not “edit”), click on the arrow next to “Close”
  • from the dropdown, choose “Preferences”
  • Up comes a panel with various options -> the 3rd tab is “Segments”

Thanks for your reply! Its in the preferences-modal! Great - I have it ;-).

  1. If you want all contacts be it the ones with email or anonymous ones (say for push notifications), I found a workaround and made a segment with (email empty or email not empty) :wink: