Starting 100 campaigns each day

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My Mautic version is: 3.2.5
My PHP version is: 7.3

I have 3000 contacts in a database.
Every morning I would like to start a campaign for 100 of these contacts. An email sequence of 5 emails in 5 days.

How to do this? I know how to start a campaign for all contacts at the same time.

-I could try to automatically import 100 new contacts each morning.

-I tried “console mautic:broadcasts:send --id=xxx --limit=100”. That works fine. I can put it in the crontab to execute each morning. But it sends only 1 segment email, and doesn’t start a full campaign.

It would be great to have something like:

console mautic:broadcasts:send --id=xxx --limit=100 –and add this contact to segment=xxx

I could make a campaign that starts after a day with the new segment.

I looked at the Mautic database and found “email_stats”. I can get the contact id’s who received the segment emails, and I could add these contact id’s with a segment to lead_lists_leads. I tried this manually, and it seems that I can add rows to lead_lists_leads without problems.

Are there easier ways? I could implement my solution easily, but don’t feel happy with it, I would have to check if it still works with every new version of Mautic…

Nobody? :wink:

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Hi Dimitri!

You have 3000 contacts in the DB, however you only want daily 100 to be added to the campaign.
In other words, you want to extend the pool of campaign participants by 100 every day.

  1. Do not put contacts manually into a campaign. If you do it, you’ll lose the option to move them around dynamically.
  2. Set the source of the campaign to be a segment, but do not place anyone manually into a segment. Not even by import. Let them qualify by a tag for example. Let’s say use the tag ‘inside_group’.
  3. Now make a segment called inside group, and this should be the source of your campaign. Import the 100 people you want to include and add the tag to everyone.
  4. Add new 100 people every day.

Let me know if this is what you think, or you want to do the whole thing automatically.


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Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it!

It would be nice to automate this. But till now I didn’t find a solution without writing some PHP myself and writing to the database.

A simple solution I am thinking about now… Importing new contacts and putitng them in segment “new”. Make a campaign accepting contacts from segment “startcampaign”.

Write a PHP script, select contacts in segment “new”, and assign 100 of them to segment “startcampaign”. And run this script in a crontab every morning.

But it’s not a solution I like. I hoped for something already build-in Mautic I could use.

Maybe you can add a date for each contact when the campign should start. Each 100 contact would have the same date. When the date is a match, then you simply add a tag to the specific contct. The tags launch the campaign.
What do you think?

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Thanks! I am going to try that.

I do email outreach for clients. 100, 200, 300 a day. Not 10k in 1 day. If I can fix this then I can use Mautic in the future. Now I use Mailwizz, which is nice. But the options for campaigns (email sequences) are very limited.

There are many companies using Mailwizz as the cold outreach tool for their marketing, and push in openers into Mautic. Is that something, that would be interesting for you?

Thanks! I am working on that now.

Are you referring to the way described in this article?

Passing the email address in the links used in Mailwizz, catching it with javascript, passing it to Mautic and updating a field?

Mautic is wonderful in the way you can find your own solutions to get what you want :grinning: