Staggering contacts

i have a bunch of contacts, but i don’t want to send emails to all of them at once, i’d like to warm them up given it’s a new ip.

i tried following this old post:

and i set myself up this way:

segment 1: raw_contact <—imported via csv with no tags
tag 1: ready_for_contact <—will use an automated process to update raw_contacts with this tag when i feel i want to send them messages
segment 2: first_contact

campaign 1: initiated by segment 1, if contact has tag1, then he will be updated with segment 2 and segment 1 will be removed

campaign 2: initiated by segment 2, emails are sent out accordingly

now, as a test, i’ve set up a contact as segment1 and ran:

php ./console mautic:segments:update
php ./console mautic:campaigns:update
php ./console mautic:campaigns:trigger

as a result: Contact added to campaign but he received no messages. awesome.

then, i went ahead and manually added tag1 to this contact, and ran the following in all orders i could think of:

php ./console mautic:segments:update
php ./console mautic:campaigns:update
php ./console mautic:campaigns:trigger
php ./console mautic:campaigns:rebuild --campaign-id=12
php ./console mautic:campaigns:execute

it does nothing. so, obviously i am missing the point on how to reapply a campaign to a contact. and i could really use some help!


i have also now tried implementing a points system:

basically created a trigger, where if a contact has 1 point, they will go from segment1 to segment 2 - thereby kicking off campaign2.

i updated the test contact’s points on the db side and it seems nothing else has changed…

actually the points worked after i saved it for existing contacts. still curious if this is a good approach…

Hello @rndom301 and welcome to the community.

Your question is very valid :slight_smile:

How many contacts do you have in your system and how many are you planning to add?
This is why I’m asking: your new IP doesn’t matter if you have 50-100 contacts in your system. You’d need minimum 2000-5000 emails to start warming up an IP.

If you’d like to nurture your contacts before hitting them with offers, I’d make a segment with those who supposed to be contacted. This segment membership would start a campaign, where first you send one email, and then you wait for couple of days. This way anyone who is added to the segment automatically gets the next email couple of days later. You can also make decisions: has the person open or click your mail? If yes, you can move them to another campaign where you change the offer.

Regarding the commands you are using: did you set them up as cronjobs? They should fire automatically.

If you are new to Mautic, check out this free course:

It will cover everything to get you started.

@joeyk i’ve taken your advice and just am updating segments via mysql

seems that i cannot rerun the same campaign on a contact :confused: so need to be very careful.

I wouldn’t fiddle around with mysql unless you have mastered the Mautic DB.

You can any time just clone the campaign - this way it can be restarted. You can have a condition, if someone is in the other campaign, then jump to a specific place.

Here is a video how to deal with similar issues: