How to clear or cancel or delete Upcoming Emails?

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.1.2
My PHP version is: 7.3.23
My Database type and version is: mysql

Hosting on a shared server.

Your problem
My problem is that I want to stop the upcoming emails from sending.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

  • Unpublished the emails in the queue
  • Unpublished the campaign sending the emails
  • Deleting the /var/cache directory
  • Deleting all records from the mau_cache table
  • Deleting the /var/cache directory AGAIN

I’ve allowed time for the cron jobs to cycle through.

Still the Upcoming Emails shows the same set of emails that I don’t want to be sent.

What else can I try (in the next 24 minutes)?


To buy time, I changed the SMTP settings to prevent the incorrect messages from being sent.

Of course, when I re-configure it to run, they will be sent unless they are cleared or deleted first.

What do you suggest?


i have same problem any help?

If your emails are set to queue the only way I know of doing this is via the terminal.

You would need to ssh into your terminal (maybe you can do this from cpanel file manager as well - never tried) and navigate to the spool directory, usually sitting in /var/www/mautic/var/spool/

You will then need to remove the spool.

Funny thing with the spool is there are files that are created with a hyphen “-” at the beginning of the file name and the regular rm command does not like this, so what you will need to do is the following command
sudo rm -rf – -* [This will remove all the files that start with a -]
then you will need to remove the rest
sudo rm -rf *

thank you for your respon. Now my spool folder is empty. And i’ve stop my campaign but:

  1. why on my mautic dashboard, still show upcoming emails?
  2. When i create new email campaign to 3 emails, it said that the email was successfully sent. But, only 1 email receive the email campaign.

    Sent Report

    There is no log

    my cronjob

Any suggestions?

I just have a comment about your cronjobs. You are running them at the same momment.

Thank you @joeyk for your answer. Because i’m still learning about mautic, and have no programming or linux knowledge. But eager to learn

I fixed the cron job, so, is it the better configuration or there is still need to be corrected?

Yep, much better. Good job.

Thank you for your help @joeyk