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Question about campaigns in Mautic 3

Hi there.
I have launch a campaign but wanted to cancel it an stop sending mails. In Mautic 2 I went to spool folder and delete all pending files, but in Mautic 3 the spool shows empty and still sending mails even I have deleted the campaign.
Anyone knows how to stop/cancel a campaign and cancel also the sending spool?
Thank you in advance for your expert advises

Is this a segment email or campaign? I assume a campaign email. If so, then you are not using the queue. You need to stop the campaign itself to stop the sending.
You can change to queue settings in the config / email settings
Here is a video about how email sending works in Mautic:

First of all thank you for your fastest answer.
I am using a campaign launched from a segment with 97K contacts. I have queued the mails as I should not send more than 400 mails per hour. After one day I wanted to stop it and stopped the campaign but all the mails were already scheduled and still sending. I have deleted the campaign itself but the mail still being sent… I do not know how to really stop a campaign in the middle and also stop the pending scheduled mails as well.
In other words I want to stop the campaign and also cancel the queue.
I hope now is more clear what my problem is.

It is in the video :slight_smile:

  1. If you have Queue sending set up, then turn off the cron command:

You can empty the spool by deleteing .message files in /var/spool

  1. if you have no queue turn off



Yes… This is exact what I was doing in Mautic 2.16. But in Mautic 3.3.3 even I did these steps the var/spool is empty and still sending the mails… I do not know how to stop them.
I guess the cron job can not manage the full list (campaign trigger) in one as per time out (I use and then is sending new mails that are not in the spool every 5 minutes…
So my guess is that I need to cancel the pending Campaign trigger that is scheduled and not ended yet.
I hope this will give more clarity to my problem

No new good insight about how I can stop a campaign in the middle in Mautic 3.3.3. Spool is empty campaign is off, ail is off as well, butt system still sending the pending already scheduled mails for this campaign…

Send me access to your instance in private, I’ll fix it.

How can I send you my instance in private?

I meant private message here