Mautic 3.0.0 exit a campign not working

I discovered a new problem in Mautic v3.0.0. In Previous Mautic versions this was not the case.

Exiting a campaign, from within a campaign does not work.

  • Create campaign “A”. Add some scheduled actions, like adding a tag.

  • Create a user and add them to campaign “A”

  • Wait for the cron jobs to process everything.

  • See that the actions are indeed scheduled

  • Now create campaign “B”. In this campaign remove the contact from campaign “A” and campaign “B”.

  • Check the campaigns for this contact and see it is currently in campaign “A” only.

  • Add campaign “B” to the contact.

  • Wait for the cron jobs to process everything.

  • See in the list of events that the contact processed campaign “B”.

  • Check which campaigns the contact is in and see that even though the event list says removed from campain “A” and removed from campaign “B”, the contact is still in these two campaigns.

Note: In previous Mautic versions you could choose ‘This Campaign’, when selecting an action event -> Campain. In Mautic 3.0.0. this has been renamed to ‘this’, and it also does not work. Contacts are not removed from the current campaign.

There are no errors in the log and flushing the cache doesn’t work either.

I just tested this while checking out another issue for 3.0.1 and confirm that the contact can be added to a campaign but removing seems to be failing silently.

Will raise as a bug.

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Issue raised!

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Great. Until this is fixed, it’s impossible to start using Mautic 3.0.0 or 3.0.1, because it breaks one of the most important campaign functionalities.

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