Hello folks!

I looked around the forums here and googled, but could not find any talk of integrating the open source calendar/appointment software called Easy!Appointments.

It seems somewhat basic that when a client comes to your website, you may want to offer a consult, or appointment of some kind, and need a mechanism to book an appointment.

Any suggestions on how this might be done using Mautic and E!A?

Much appreciated!

Hi, have not used E!A before but I looked into docs for a bit and found out that it has REST API, which means you can probably use it to get the data in and out of the software.

What I think (but I am not sure) would be of interest to you is one of the following

  • You can “register” E!A as an app in mautic and make E!A send the info about each new appointment (You can create necessary oauth2 details for E!A in Mautic already)
  • You can make Mautic pull data from E!A periodically (you would probably need custom Mautic plugin)

First I would try to do the first one as you get data in “real time” but then again I do not really know your exact situation and requirements.

Regards, M.

Thank you M. I’m not familiar with “registering” an app to Mautic, but I get the general idea. Interesting.

As I think about it, I’m not sure what level of interaction is needed between the two. As I think it out, I can see why some have commented that a calendar’s data should go to a CRM, as E!A collects more than just appointment data.

The question becomes, what if I just put E!A on the webpage, collect the data it collects (not installed yet so not sure about the controls just yet), then I’ll have: Appointment, Name, Contact Info, etc.

The question then becomes, what of this (or other) collected data needs to be sent back to Mautic? I would guess we could want the basic email info sent to mautic for the following reasons:

  • To thank/remind the person about the upcoming appointment
  • To thank them after for their time afterwards
  • To start a post-appointment drop campaign

How critical is it that this be automated? Not sure. Since we are talking about appointments here, there is a limit to how many we may be able to do, so perhaps such lists can be copied/pasted once a week and be done manually? (Just typing out loud here.)

Thanks again.

Hi, In menu on the right side of mautic you have something called “API Credentials” or something where close to that you, can create new “app” and mautic will give you oauth2 details which you can then use to communicate with Mautic.

But lets back up a bit since, you do not really need to know about oauth2 yet.

By default most of the fields (if not all) on the contact are nullable which means you can send any contact info you want. Maybe it would make sense that when new appointment comes via E!A integration with Mautic creates new lead note (which can be shown in Mautic calendar).

If your appointment form also accepts email, then you can update email field in mautic for specific contact. Given my current understand most of what you would want to send to mautic you probably already can (at least there should already be fields / tables in database).

On the other hand if you have something really specific you would want to extend mautic database schema.

It really depends on how much you want to use mautic and E!A. If you have a couple of contacts here and there. Maybe you can export it from E!A and import it into mautic (it supports importing contacts via csv) - this way you can use mautic as it is.

If you think exporting and importing would take too much of your time then consider going with integration.

I can offer technical support if needed (although I must say have not really use integration framework in mautic as much)-

Regards, M.

Hey M,

Again, thank you for being generous with your knowledge. I’ll take a look at the integration. I only need very basic data connected, it should work.