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elastic email bounce integration

I’m trying to connect elastic email with mautic. For bounce I have to set Notification URL with http://your-mautic-url.tld/mailer/elasticemail/callback ( but the directory or file mailer/elasticemail/callback doesn’t exist in the mautic zip package.
Can anyone help me?

Same here, I have create url as per bounce_management seems still it doesn’t working for elasticemail notification.

  1. I have created folder mailer/elasticemail
  2. created file with command - touch callback
  3. Set url http://mydomain/mailer/elasticemail/callback on notification area under elasticemail settings section with bounce, unsubscribed etc.
  4. checked for bounce back email but not reflecting for bounce back email as well checked with unsubscribed email but same result.

Help would be appreciated.