Need help with bounce staus of email


Well I have connected Mautic with elastic email API now its also marking my good emails as bounced.

check the screenshot emails are marked with a red sign
when I clicked on the email I saw this:

I figured it out and try to make sure this not happened again but how we remove this from emails which are good and bounced due to elastic email undeliverability

Please help and guide me how we change the status I don’t want to do this manually for all emails 1 by 1


The best option is to go into the database.
You can list them here:

SELECT * from lead_donotcontact WHERE ‘reason’ = 2;

You can delete them by

DELETE from lead_donotcontact WHERE reason = 2;

As always backup before mass deletion, as people like me might give bad advice ain the forums.

They are good emails but elastic email is not able to send them I can’t do that.

Not sure what you mean.
My commands will delete the BOUNCE flag only. Not the emails.

okay thanks