Email template IOS resize date text

Template email shows dates with large font on Iphone IOS, to disable IOS from doing that some posts recommended adding style code like {-webkit-text-size-adjust: none}, is there a way to add to a template without using code view? or any other ways to make IOS not to change size/link for dates?

Mautic 4.x

Hi, if you use MJML instead of HTML you won’t have this problem.
Here is a video:

Thank you, that works much better

One thing that can’t figure out, is there a way to add URL to an image section without adding Button on top of it?

Use href=" " inside mj-image tag

<mj-image width="100px" src="/assets/image.png" href="" />


You are correct I forgot the px … Thank you @joeyk

Editing my post to fix it

You do this by editing MJML code? if so there is no mj-image, the image url is in <mj-section