Update Mautic 4 : layout doesn't show properly on gmail

My PHP version is : 7.4.19
*My MySQL/MariaDB version is mysqlnd 7.4.19

My problem : since the update toward Mautic 4 : the email template in the builder looks fine, in the webview too also in Thunderbird, Aquamail, Samsung Mail, Webmail… but in Gmail the layout just doesn’t show properly.

The margin and the bloc aren’t respected… all the element just show as if they had no style.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem : try to recreate the email from scratch with Paprika/Brienz/Code Mode template but the result is still the same. I tried sometimes just adding a few element to a blank template (one picture, one text) without touching the code, but the result were also the same.

I don’t understand why Gmail don’t make my email show as usual (I’ve been working/teting on gmail Mautic campaign for 6 months and it rarely fail to display element contrary to other email client).

Do you have a hint of what I could do ?

Thank you in advacne for helping me

Hi, are any elements added to your email by your smtp?
What happens if you check the template without any change
In gmail?


It’s fine now.

Basically, modification of previous email in html were making bug the email layout even disactivating the grape JS plugin.

What we did is redo the email in mjml using the “export mjml” feature and now it’s good.

Hi there, I’m having same problem iwth my template as well. Could you please show me that “export mjml” feature that you mentioned?


I think I only had this fonction after the Mautic 4 update.

So I go in Channel =>emails and then :

mautic 2

You can copy paste your email’s code either in html or in mjml.