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"Emails Opened/Sent" taking hours to update on dashboard


I have a brand new Mautic v2.12.1 installed on a VPS (CentOS7 64-bit).

All Cron jobs have been configured per the instructions.

What I’m seeing is that the “Emails Opened/Sent” widget is taking hours to update on the dashboard when I send emails. Even if I click the “Apply” button on the dashboard, the data doesn’t refresh. After a few hours on two separate instances, I logged in and found the data finally had updated.

I’ve attempted going to Configuration > Systems settings and changed the “Cached data timeout” to 0. This doesn’t seem to have helped.

There are no errors are appearing in the Mautic error log, so I’m not sure what else to check from here?

Anyone have any ideas?

You must setup cron job for clear cache, then it should work fine.