Empty field gets is not empty? - in Mautic 4.1.1

I need a filter that checks if a datefield is empty.

So I tried:

Date last Active - empty -

The field is correctly disabled and nothing is in it. If I save the segment, the field is still disabled but shows the current date time instead of nothing.

Is this just a display error or is something wrong?

Additionally the filter doesn’t really seem to be working, because I have many profiles without any date in this field and nobody gets into the segment.

That should not look like this.
When I choose empty, the prefilled text disappears.

And when you save your segment and look again? Is it still empty? Because in my case it get the date parameter after I save my segment but it is also disabled and grey (like in my screenshot).

Oh wow, nice catch :smiley:
So yes, it stays there:

But at the same time, the db doesn’t save that date.
It’s a visual bug where the current server date is visible.


But for me the segment is populated: