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Field logic has no option for "is empty" or "is not empty"

Not my Mautic, clients, so no ‘back-stage’ access. But they just cleared cache and updated to latest version (2.12.1).
I want to build a honeypot - so need the ‘is not empty’ option in my campaign builder - but there isn’t one. Any ideas why?
Everywhere I look it says do x, y, z - and choose ‘is not empty’. I’ve followed the steps, but there’s no such option.

Please elaborate what you want to accomplish.

In campaign builder you can use a condition (Type “Contact field value”), select the appropriate field and chose “empty” as operator.

Stupid as that. I was trying to use FORM FIELD VALUE - where no ‘empty’ option exists. Yes, it’s on the ‘CONTACT FIELD VALUE’ - thanks Pete. bangs head on wall

You’re welcome. No need to hurt yourself. :wink: