Condition on form field issue

My Mautic version is: 4.4.10 up to date
My PHP version is: 7.4.33
My Database type and version is: MariaDB

Hello to evryone and thank for this wonderful tool I am using since 6 month !

I explain you my issue :slightly_smiling_face:
i wor for a van rental company in France ( and we offer one of our 7 road books in pdf for every newsletter subscription (form here :
First I made a form in Mautic easy

Then a made a campaign :
Condition : If form field “road book equals Bordeaux” send email Roadbook Bordeaux
If not Condition “form field=Normandie” send email Roadbook Normandie…
Et caetera…

It didn’t work so I tried other operators like “contain” or “begin with” → didnt work
So I build a campain for each roadbook so that it is easy to debug… I did not find the bug
Last solution instead of sending the mail I tried to put tags on the contacts… didnt work…

Maybe I am completely wrong, if someone could help me it wille be great !

Your 1st set up should have worked.

Are your cron jobs configured correctly?

Did you test while logged out of mautic?

Can you share a screen grab of your campaign and how you configured the condition check node and the email send node.

Also the event history of the contact you have been testing with.

Hello robm
Thanks for this quick answer
My cron jobs seem to be OK, other campain work great
I will test while logged out

here is my form


node condition check node

node send email

I will make some other tests and come back to you.
Thanks a lot !!

So I have news
I tried to ask for the second roadbook Bordeaux,
and I received the first one “Normandie”
Log from my user

it acts as if my first condition were true, but it should not because “ask roadbook” was not equal to “Normandie”

I hope I am clear enough

Maybe it is an issue with the space between letters ?
The condition is not repected, very weird :face_with_peeking_eye:

My contact test have the form field set to Bordeaux

My problem comes from the conditional node

All looks good, although my non existent French means I might be missing something.

But this should work as expected.

It looks like you are starting the campaign with the submission of a campaign form. Try use a standalone form and push contacts to a segment as a submit action. Also map the Roadbook form field to a custom field. Then in the campaign check for the custom field value as a condition rather the form field and see if that approach works.

Hello Rob,
I test your solution with an independant form and it worked !!!
Thanks a lot !!
Now I have an other issue because the contact won’t receive anything if they already are in the segment, and it can be the case.
If you know a trick to avoid this ?
Merci :wink:

I tried this as an action in the form
unset segment
set segment…
Not sure it can work

Hello there !
Everythings works fine with this solution, people can re-enter the campain because the segment is first unset and then set.
Mautic is GREEEEEAAAAAAAAT !!! :upside_down_face:
You can close this topic because it is SOLVED
Thanks to ROB !!!

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