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don't understand how "contact field value" condition works

Hi everyone

made a simple campaign which send an email based on a contact field value (this field is a custom field, text)

so basically

segment >> if condition (contact field value) >> send email

My issue : the campaign is lauched, schedule email based on contact field value, OK.

day + 1, some users already in the segment have their contact field value updated (via our CRM), normally it should send the email as the condition is now ok, but no, nothing happens.

what i’m doing wrong ?

First, I would make sure that all the CRON jobs required to power Mautic are running.
From what you said, your segment is updated so it seems that mautic:segment:update is running. Also, your segment contact is pulled into the campaign, which means that mautic:campaign:update is also running.
There is still a chance that mautic:campaign:trigger is not running. That’s the one that execute all the events in your campaign workflow.
In the campaign view, do you see your condition triggered, or it’s pending?
What if you try to plug your email directly after the source, does it send?
If not, please give more details about how you set the condition, what value is expected, what operators you used etc?

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