Exclude anonymous contacts (system dashboard pages)

Anonymous contacts are beeing created on Mautic dashboard pages (on page refresh), instead just on my API calls. This causes real contacts ids (auto increment field) to be greater than they should be.
Anyone with idea how to fix it?

These contacts are made because your tracking works.
If you disable tracking, there won’t be any anonymous contacts.


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I understood what you are thinking about, but I want dashboard pages to be excepted from tracking and to keep maybe some future external pages… Is there any chance for that?

Thanks in advance.


Hello Nikola,
The easy way to do this is: remove the tracking where you don’t want tracking :slight_smile:
In the tracking script this part is responsible for pushing in data:

mt('send', 'pageview');

If you add a javascript condition for the current url, then you can skip sending data.

Please note, that Mautic will not track admins, as the admin cookie placed in the browser will prevent that (This is why so hard to test Mautic campaigns with the same browser as you use for administration.) and you can turn off tracking 404 pages in settings.

I still dont get what I have to do. I did not edit origin-source code…
Do I need to do that? Which file…? Or maybe my cookies are not set properly…


How did you add the Mautic tracking to your pages?
I need to know in order to help you with the solution.

Also, anonymous contacts are created when e-mails are opened if tracking is enabled, so maybe that’s why new contacts are appearing when you refresh the dashboard

Hi Joey,
I did not add anything… I cloned Mautic repo, installed it on server instance… I did not modify anything in source code…

I think this is not my case, i have not set campaign or email sending yet…

Two answers will bring us closer to the solution:

  1. Did you add a Mautic tracking code to your website?
  2. Could you plz share what URL the anonymous visitors checking out?
    You can see this by opening the contact and expanding the URL view event.


@joeyk Is there a way to disable the tracking script (mtc.js) on a specific landing page?

The tracking script is automatically added to every mautic landing page.

I have a very high-traffic website, and I don’t want to create millions of anonymous contacts.

Is this one specific page or a list of pages?
What is tour cms?

@nikola1995 I do not really have much to add towards the solution, however one of my posts about creating custom dashboards could be of interest for you. Provides much greater flexibility and customization of what you or a client would prefer to see when looking at a dashboard. The post can be found here.

@joeyk a specific mautic landing page. it’s hosted in the same mautic not in a third party CMS.

Mautic, by default, adds the tracking code to all of its hosted landing pages at the header.

NOTE: I’m using the Neopolitan theme, just in case that has any importance.