Expertflow Chat Plugin

Expertflow Chat Plugin extends Mautic by enabling you to send chat messages over any chat channel (SMS, Whatsapp, Viber, FB Messenger, Twitter…), and receive responses/ start a conversation with a chatbot or an agent.


This looks good. Can you explain ore what is needed?

I can see the tech steps but what accounts does one need and with who? I assume sms credits need to be bought etc etc. Can you give an overview of all that is needed to get this working beyond the technicality of installing?

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Thank you so much @robm for your query. You can find detailed requirement in the Requirements section at Universal Chat Plugin for Mautic - Campaigns.

Basic requirements would be

  • Mautic 3.2+
  • For SMS campaigns, a subscription to Twilio OR some other SMS API provider will be required.
  • Hybrid chat will be required to send SMS OR messages via other channels like Facebook, Viber, etc.
  • SMS campaigns plugin configuration guide is available at Universal Chat Plugin for Mautic - Campaigns. Expertflow can offer paid services too for configuration.

We’re using the Facebook messenger chat plug in our site. Does this plug in create the contact when the contact initiates thru chat?

Also, is the dialog logged in the contract record?

@patrickeidemiller this plugin enables you to send campaign messages to customers via Hybrid chat. Hybrid chat is a customer-agent chat solution. With Hybrid chat you can interact with your customers via any chat channel like Facebook Messenger chat, Viber chat, Web chat, SMS, etc. You can create a contact ( customer profile) in the agent chat gadget and interactions will be stored against each customer profile. You can find a demo video at Expertflow Hybridchat in Cisco Finesse - Release 3.8 - YouTube.