New canal "chat" on Mautic

Hello all,

I’m looking to add a chat module on Mautic.
Have any of you already done this?
If so, what open source script did you start from for the integration?

Would you be interested in adding a chat channel in Mautic?



We’ve tried various chat plugins on our Wordpress site and had almost zero engagement over the past couple of years.

We just moved to the Facebook chat plug in and our engagement has jumped considerably. It also will identify the person chatting if they are already a follower, other wise they are a guest users, for which the data lives for 24 hours in Facebook Business Suite.

It also allows for off website engagement to keep the dialog going when they are not on your website in the Facebook messaging apps.

Based upon the time on the chat and the Mautic contact record, I can pretty much manually triangulate the follower to the webpage visit time and create a contact record with as much information as Facebook provides me in their Business Suite. We only do this for unconverted customers as that’s the highest value for us.

This is manageable at our current level of activity, but it I think the building blocks are there to totally integrate the Facebook chat with Mautic and the site visit tracking and would probably be of higher value of creating your own chat plugin.

Acquia has a plugin they have developed using Drift (which we may possibly be able to open source in the future) and I think I have seen some things being done with different platforms like Intercom.

Also there is this:

I searched for mautic chatbot and had quite a few results :slight_smile:


Thank you both for your feedback.
Today there are no plans for a chat plugin directly integrated into Mautic.

I will continue to think about the best way to do this.

Have a nice day,

I’ve seen integration with Chatwoot.

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Hello @joeyk,

Do you have more info about this integration?


It was an api integration using custom channels in Chatwoot. Once a person initiated chat, and gave an email, a custom field called last chat date was updated to ‘now’.

Thanks for this information. :slight_smile:

@pierre_a , we built to receive chat requests through any chat channel and handle these either via a chatbot of your choice or with live agents.
We also created a Mautic plugin to initiate chat sessions (or simply send one chat message) as part of a Mautic campaign as here: Universal Chat Plugin for Mautic - Campaigns . In the Q3 release, besides having a chatbot respond, you will be able to also reserve human agents (if you expect inbound traffic that requires live human handling). In Q4 we’ll add voice as a channel (currently building this for a client in Southafrica).
We exchange data upon chat initiation with Mautic via GTM (Google Tag Manager), where you can configure which fields you want to capture in the contact record.
The chat interaction history (ie, every exchanged chat msg) is available in an open format, so you could also sync that with Mautic Customer records, or you can choose to only synchronize conversation metadata (such as the conclusion/ result of a chat session).

@andreas.stuber Thank you for your message.

Do you have a video demo of how it works in Mautic?
Is it possible NOT to go through GTM (for RGPD compliance reasons)?


Just use Matomo Tag Manager and you fine.

Yes you can also invoke it directly simply with Javascript.