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Possibility to add new channels (e.g., messages via Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, etc.)

Mautic has a predefined list of channels (Channels | Mautic Community Documentation).
Today marketing messages can be delivered via other channels like phone calls, voice messages, chat messages in Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram etc.

My idea is:
Have a possibility to add other channels (see above) and seamlessly integrate them with the core Mautic functionality, e.g., campaign, tracking, scoring etc.

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea:
Marketers can utilize benefits of modern communication channels and reach their target audience in preferred ways

Why I think they would benefit from this idea:
It allows to log and count all outbound actions more holistically, score prospects/leads more accurately, and allocate marketing effort to get high bounce rate.

Any code or resources to support this idea:

Look at this tutorial (video and screenshots):

At the bottom of the screen you can see sections “Tasks”, “Call”, “Skype Call”, “Meeting”:

Are you willing to work on this idea?:
Rather as a customer / requirement manager

What skills and resources do you need to explore this further?
A developer knowledgeable in Mautic source code and architecture

Hi there, if this is a commercial job you would be better moving it to the Commercial category and providing the details of the position, remuneration available etc as per the post template.

If you are suggesting that it should be possible to extend this capability, you can do this through plugins I believe.

Thanks for the reply, rcheesley.

Can you refer me to such plugins? Or at least some clues how to search them:

  • log chat messages (manually)
  • send messages via skype, telegram, whatsapp (automatically)
  • add planned tasks, schedule appointments
  • appropriate actions to be taken into account while calculating contact scoring (points)