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Feature: ability to choose relative time of day when people receive email within

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As a user, I would like the ability to choose days/times people receive emails within a campaign - specifically for this use case:
If someone fills out a form at 3:00am, I do not want them to receive an email at 3:00am two days later, if my emails are formatted to be “personal”. I would like to be able to have Mautic send them an email two days later at 9:30am or 12:30pm (Local Time to the Mautic User). If this is too granular, then the feature may just be to create an option to send emails two days later, but only send the email during “open business hours” (between 9:00am and 5:00pm)

As a workaround until its implemented you could maybe set your Cronjobs to only run through “business hours”…

But its really only a workaround. This would also mean, that people entering a form at night would need to receive some feedback through the form submit itself, not through a campaign which pauses by then.

I understand, this is the only option today.
What about if your company is working on different timezone?

I should be managed by the CRONs, it is a feature :slight_smile:

We wrote a plugin that does this. It’s free and easy to use. After installing, it will add a cron expression field to each Campaign action. When the action is scheduled, it will be scheduled for the next time that meets the requirements of the cron expression. So, for example, you could put an expression on a personal email for weekdays, 9 AM to 5 PM in New York.

It also supports time zones (both yours and the contact’s).

You can get it here:

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I think this is a great feature. Did you start the discussion with mautic team to make this kind of feature core ?

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Yes, I sent an email last year but never heard back. Maybe that wasn’t the right way to contact them though. I also posted on this forum and GitHub.

I’m not sure if the way the plugin does it is ideal for core because it involves using cron expressions. While cron expressions give you complete control for every possible scenario, they may be too technical for the average marketer.

I’ve seen some programs that have attempted to make a GUI (drop downs, etc) for creating cron expressions, that could be an option.

I would be interested to hear what other people think.

Yes. I think with a little bit more GUI this would be a great core feature. We are often asked to send text messages or other integrations at relative timezone times.

This is a great plug in. Something which goes hand in hand with this are scheduled holidays. So for example during Christmas break, a feature which allows all campaigns to be paused during certain dates.

Is this still working? Actually I need exactly this functionality (I guess).
Because the built in date/time trigger doesn’t with specific times.

Is this plugin also compatible with mautic v3.0?