Sending email at a specific time according to the time zone mentioned in the contact profile

I have scheduled several emails to be sent at 1:00 PM in a campaign.

All contacts have the “Preferred Timezone” field filled in profile.

How to proceed so that my contacts receive emails at 1:00PM according to their time zone mentioned in their profile ?


Hello, this feature doesnt exists automatically. You can break down your segment into subsegments and send that way. I know it sounds like a cavemen solution but it is what it is.

Info I learned:

  • Segment Emails (Newsletters) are sent according to Mautic Timezone (Author Timezone)
  • Campaign Emails are sent according to contact Timezone

Is the “Preferred Timezone” a custom contact field? Or is the default one that is used also by Mautic, when sending Campaign Emails?

Hi, what do you mean by ‘campaign emails sent according to contact timezone’? You mean when you add what time it should be sent in email action?

I mean, in a campaign, the time here mentioned, is according the contact timezone:

and the time mentioned here, is in the author timezone, independently of contact timezone:

But, as I remember, I think I learned this from a video from you :slight_smile: Thank You with this occasion!

I think both are author timezones. Mautic doest handle contact timezone as far as I know…
If you saw it in my video, that must have been a momment of confusion from me :frowning:
But plz test it out, maybe it is true.

I tested it. The campaign emails were sent according to contact timezone.
I tested it because I wanted to be sure, that my reminder emails to webinars or due dates for offers are ok (4 hours until the start of webinar, 20 minutes, 10 minutes after…).
With campaign emails would not work. I am in Germany, I have my timezone set in Mautic as for Germany and my audience is in Romania (+1 hour difference). I had to be sure.

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Hey, yeah I also tested, I can confirm, it will use the preferred timezone of the contact.
However if the preferred timezone is not filled out, it will take system time.

I created a Feature request:

@joeyk @Nick_J : Please vote :slight_smile: