Feature Highlight: The Mautic Marketplace

In Mautic 4.2 the Mautic Marketplace now enables you to install and manage plugins within Mautic, both in the user interface and at the command line. Read on to learn more about how it works, some caveats you need to know before using it, and how to get your plugins listed in the Marketplace.

Who can use the Mautic Marketplace?

The Mautic Marketplace is enabled by default in browse mode but the install, update and removal of plugins is only available if you manage your Mautic instance using Composer. This is due to the underlying architecture of Mautic and the plugin updating process being incompatible with the current, outdated update methods.

From Mautic 4.2 there is a new setting which you can enable to tell Mautic that you are managing it through Composer, which will disable the built-in web-based updating system and enable you to manage plugins within the Marketplace.

We have provided step-by-step instructions on how to switch to using Composer if you’re not currently managing Mautic this way, in case you would like to switch to using this method - read more in the documentation here. From Mautic 5, the current updating methods will be removed and Composer will be the default way of managing installation and upgrades of Mautic - read more in this blog post.

How to use the Mautic Marketplace

From Mautic 4.2 there is a setting in the Global Configuration which allows you to selectively tell Mautic that you’re using Composer to manage your installation, which will allow you to install and remove plugins through the Mautic Marketplace.    It will also block updates in the user interface.

Please read the guidelines here.

Using the Mautic Marketplace in the User Interface

When the setting above has been enabled, you will be able to manage plugins with the Mautic Marketplace, and a notice will be displayed with a link to the documentation.

Once you have enabled the setting you will be able to search the marketplace using the filter, and install plugins by selecting the option from the dropdown item pictured above.

If you haven’t correctly set the Composer setting, you will see a warning that the Mautic Marketplace is available in read-only mode as below, with a link which explains how to transition to a Composer-managed installation.

How to get my plugin listed on the Mautic Marketplace

We are in the process of moving our developer documentation to a new platform, please find the instructions on how to prepare your plugin for inclusion in the marketplace and how to submit your plugin for review here.

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