Upgraded to composer, but still can't use Marketplace

Your software
My PHP version is : 7.4
My MySQL/MariaDB version is (delete as applicable): MySQL

Updating/Installing Errors
I am (delete as applicable): Updating
Upgrading/installing via (delete as applicable) : Command Line

These errors are showing in the installer : None

These errors are showing in the Mautic log : None

Your problem
My problem is :
I have upgraded to composer as according to this guide: How to switch to Composer | Mautic
But I’m still getting the message: " Heads up! Composer is required for installing and updating plugins in the Marketplace. It looks like you’re not using Composer yet, so you’ll only be able to browse the Marketplace. Want to switch to Composer today?"
Is there a step missing in the guide?

Steps I have tried to fix the problem : I’ve tried clearing cache and everything. Nothing works.

Figured this out myself.
I did not know I had to enable the composer update option in settings. Works now!

Hey there!

We have an outstanding PR which just needs a review to merge with this information included:

If you go to files changed > review changes and check that all is well, leave an approving review, we can get it merged!