Mautic 4 with Docker missing Composer

I’m using the mautic/mautic:v4 image.

I can go through the setup, all tables get created and I can browse Mautic.

However, when I go to install a plugin from the marketplace, I get a message saying; “Heads up! Composer is required for installing and updating plugins in the Marketplace. It looks like you’re not using Composer yet, so you’ll only be able to browse the Marketplace.”.

Is it really the case that the Docker images can’t support plugins? This would seem to make the official Docker images not fit for purpose. Is there any way around this?

Marketplace requires a composer based installed which I doubt if the current docker is built with that. I believe by the time Mautic 5 is released, it will solve all of these issues.

So are we saying that Mautic is on version 4, but it’s still not production ready?