Mautic 4 Docker Image with Composer or Wait for Mautic 5

My startup wants to include Mautic in our production Stack to take over from our rudimentary listmonk implementation.

As we run everything in docker, we were delighted to see Mautic already had an official one.
However I quickly saw that it doesn’t use the composer based install and thus doesn’t actually support the Marketplace installation using composer.

I saw that some 3rd party docker images do exist, however I do not know which are the ones that others actually use.
Finally I saw in another post that Mautic 5 (docker) would be less dependant on composer on release (in around 2 weeks).

  1. So my question is, what is the go to best 1st or 3rd party docker image for Mautic people actually user, or will I need to create my own?
  2. Will Mautic 5 feature and updated docker container right on its release on the 26th?.
  3. Will Mautic 5 be completely fine without a composer based docker image, or would it make sense to build my own docker image for mautic (4 & 5) to fully support everything needed?

Leo Keil


I would like to hear the answers to these questions as well.


Also interested to know this …

me too, me too, me too :slight_smile: