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Field 'is_primary' doesn't have a default value


Yesterday, I upgraded the Mautic v2.8.1 to v2.13.1,

I am getting some errors in the step of database migration.

An exception occurred while executing ‘insert into maujj_companies_leads (company_id, lead_id, date_added, manually_added, manually_removed) SELECT,, ‘2018-06-26 15:02:15’, 0, 0 from
maujj_leads l join maujj_companies c on c.companyname = ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE company_id =;’:

Field ‘is_primary’ doesn’t have a default value

Field ‘is_primary’ doesn’t have a default value

This is the errors iam getting.

Please help with this error.

ALTER TABLE maujj_companies_leads CHANGE is_primary is_primary TINYINT(1) NULL DEFAULT NULL;