(File Form Field Type) does not work

Mautic: v3.3.3
PHP: 7.3.27
MariaDB: 10.5
Docker: v19.03.13
Traefik: v2.3.1

How to reproduce:

1 - I created a data base custom field type “URL” called “curriculo”. Picture bellow:

2 - I created a form field type “file” as bellow:


My problem is:

Issue 1: When I submit the form the Bottom show: “Please Waiting…” and do not redirect to the “Thank you page” post sucessfull submit.

Issue 2: When I go to the Contact record to see the file uploaded by the form, it does not show the full URL to download it. It saves into mautic /media/ folder but do not record the full URL. Screenshot bellow:


Important Information: I have another installation of mautic version v2.16.3 and it works very well.

Please any suggestion of how to fix it?
Thanks in advanced for any comments or help.

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The reason it happens is becouse the oficial docker image is mission the exif php extention.
I have done this docker-php-ext-install exif inside the container and the issue was solved.

It is a know issue, already reported here:

Thanks a lot!
Best regards!

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