Attachment upload in form not saving the attachment, just it's name

Hey, I have a problem with my mautic. I’m running a wordpress site using Thrive, and after failing to integrate the Mautic API with Leads, I decided to just give up and copy over the Form HTML instead. The form looks awful but it works. All the form submits are submitting to my mautic page successfully with 1 issue. The form is part of my onboarding system, and I’m required to collect File Uploads in the form of CVs. I’ve set up the correct file extensions, sizes etc, but when a form is filled in with the information, Mautic reports shows only the file name, for example ‘myCV.pdf’. When i click on it to open, it just redirects me to a 404 not found page. Anyone know what could be causing this? If that’s not solvable, is there a way to keep collecting data, however save those CVs to google drive?

Thanks for any replies in advance! :slight_smile:


Firstly have you installed the WP-Mautic plugin. This should help solve your issue of not using mautic forms. check out a small blog post of mine for some small errrors.

Next in order to see errors you need to try and post some more information, maybe check out the mautic.error logs to see what is happening.

Hey, I haven’t got Mautic installed. I’ll try it right away, thanks :slight_smile:

I use Thrive as well and just figured out how to solve the Mautic / Thrive integration issue with an almost zero code solution.

The concept is simple. Pass the thrive lead form data via url parameters to a thank you page where a hidden mautic form is waiting to receive them. As the form is hidden there is not any time wasting getting the form to look good.

I added some code to the mautic form so that it auto submits once it’s populated with the data from the url. That way its actually the mautic form that ID’s the contact so that solves the ip association issue. And 'cos its a mautic form all form actions are available.

I borrowed some code I found on the forum to make sure the mautic form pulls the data from the url.

This would work for any form builder as long as there is a way to send data on form submission via url.

In the next week or to I plan to record a few tutorial videos on integrating thrive and Mautic. I have done quite a deep dive into the various options and their pros and cons over the past few weeks. I have managed to get a working web hook set up as well, although the solution above does away with the need for a webhook, and solves a few tracking issues the web hook method had.

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