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Follow up on the tracking pixel

The link is

Nowhere on the page is there a with the src of the mtracking.gif :S

The link is

Nowhere on the page is there a with the src of the mtracking.gif :S

Ok, just at a very initial glance, here’s what I’m wondering about. I see you are using a RocketTheme template. They frequently hijack a lot of things to then re-render within their own framework. Have you tested on a page of your site where you could apply a different template and see if the pixel loads?

The next thing I would look at with RocketTheme templates is if you have their caching enabled. They have a very aggressive cache engine built into their framework and sometimes it will not load new assets. Again, a quick template switch should confirm/reject this theory.

That’s just my two cents on first pass as a place to start. :slight_smile:

You’re absolutely right. I tested on a default theme of Joomla and the tracking pixel was there. Is there any work-around from this or is it simply not possible using the current theme?

It varies a bit from theme to theme with them. Since the template change fixed the issue then we can rule out the Rok-plugins they also ship with. I wonder if they are not triggering the necessary hook that the plugin is set to run on (e.g. OnAfterContent) for the trigger.

I wouldn’t say you can’t use that theme but it may take some troubleshooting to determine what is causing the pixel to not load and then change some of the code around.

I would be happy to just remove RocketTheme entirely but I’m unsure how to do that.

I’ve just spent some time uninstalling all the RocketTheme assets. However, the tracking pixel still isn’t showing. :s