Geolocate from IP

I’ve a form asking for the email address.

I put ads, I get leads. Imagine I generate 100 leads.

Then, to segment in function of the country I open every contact one by one, take the IP, put it on a geolocator online and read the country.

Is it possible to use Mautic to automatically mark contacts with the country calculated from the IP address?

Yes, that is what maxmind does.

Thanks, @joeyk

The thing is that the mautic installation I was asking for runs on a PHP hosting that does not provide ssh access, so it’s not possible to automatically do all those things, at least directly.

I was expecting mautic to handle the new MaxMind download method from the interface.

I will re-think the download/setup strategy.


Ok, understood.
Just a heads up: if you don’t have ssh, you’ll have issues with upgrades.
(I know this is not ideal, just letting you know.)

Thanks for the heads up!