GeoIP maxmind - no location infos

Your software
3.1.1-rc (from github
php 7.3.22

Your problem
No location infos in contacts.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:
I followed those steps to set up the maxmind account and installed geoip via cli.

Is there a way to check if the service is working?

If a contact is added to mautic via a web form, there should be a location info saved with this new contact right?

Is a special port needed for this service?

After checkin with the command geoipupdate -v I ended up installing the current geoip version 4.3
now the update is working, but the import to the mautic ip_data folder seems to be not working. the /var/cache/ip_data folder in mautic is empty.

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I just had to copy the maxmind files to the mautic folder.

/usr/share/GeoIP/ -> /mautic/var/cache/ip_data/

Is there a process inside mautic somewhere, where this will be handled or do I have to set that up manually?