Get email id parameter to links inside the email

Hey, is there a way for me to pass the email id inside links that i put on the url?

For example i use {contactfield=email} to get user email inside url.
It would be great i could also get the email id so i can track the source from the url{contactfield=email}

I wasn’t able to find a way or code to do that so i guess it’s not possible unless i do it manually but if someone has and idea for dynamic parameter that get the id of each email that will be great.

Hello @yochay11,

Let me rephrase: when you create the e-mail ID 123 you would like to have a link to:{emailID}

Is that right?

Hey, thanks yes that is the idea. Is that possible?

@yochay11, at the moment this is not possible.

You can find the documentation here: