Sending arguments from inside email

Hi All,

I’ve created a custom field (visit_id) to store customer’s appointment date from a Mautic’s form;

After form completion, Mautic sends an email to the customer with the ‘visit_id’ data stored in the custom field;

In this email I’ve created a link that returns ‘Customer ID’ and the custom field ‘visit_id’. i.e. https://myURL/webhook/xxxxxxxxx?id={contactfield=id}&cal_id={contactfield=visit_id}

When the form is filled the ‘visit_id’ gets updated, naturaly.
So if the customer submits twice and goes to the first email and clicks the link in it, it will send me the last record, as expected.

How can i “save” or “burn” the info of a customer’s field in the sent URL, insted of it catches the Mautic database for the actual value?

Even if i display it in the email body, how can i send it in an URL?

I’ve manage to store the ‘visit_id’ value into the email header… but i don’t know how to pass it in the URL…

Any ideas?

I’m testing Mautic 5. So no custom objects plugin available (as i think that would solve this)

Well, just found out how… it was in the manual.

Disable trackable urls setting in email settings

:slight_smile: coming back to this topic… if i disable trackable urls setting in emails settings, i won’t have campaign events like ‘click email’ working. Right?

Maybe this option should be a single email setting. Or maybe only applied to transactional emails…

I wish I understood what you want to do here I would gladly help. I just can’t get what the goal is.

Hi, thank you for the response.

So when i try to pass a Custom field value in a URL inside an email link, Mautic always defaults to the system before following the URL so that it checks the link statistics and required actions and then redirects to the intended URL with updated values from the database;

So if a database field value is updated somehow, the email link URL will contain this updated values. And this might be the most wanted case of most users. But let’s say that one wants to pass a database field value in a email link URL and if this value is updated in the database, the link will remain the same as with the first value.

This is what’ Disable trackable urls’ setting in email settings does (as far i understand). But it looses the availability to track emails statistics and probably the use in Campaigns actions. So now the email links URL contains the value of the database field set at that moment.

If we want to use Mautic as a CRM, then we should have the possibility to create tables so history data gets recorded and access. Custom field in Contacts doesn’t cut it. Custom objects plug in might do the trick as one can extend the database, but i’m testing M5.

Maybe an option where we can set ‘Disable trackable urls’ per email or per email type (Transactional or Marketing) can fix this too.

Use case: Appointment form / ticket system / transactional emails

I made a form to book appointments. The date is saved in a custom field and an email is sent to the client with a link that offers the possibility to cancel the meeting. To cancel the meeting i must send the meeting_ID to n8n. But if in the meanwhile the booking form was submited again then a new value is stored in the database and this updated value will be used by the email link.

(Joey, i’m a marketing guy and noob in Mautic so understand that some logic may be in fault here.)