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Getting ready for Mautic 4 - all details & timelines!

Looks like this is the last release blocker for Mautic 4:

Hi folks!

Just to give an update, we have a couple of small details we need to update on our security advisories which will be published when we release, and then we are good to go.

As we don’t want to make a release which includes security fixes on a weekend, we will be aiming for early next week to launch the Mautic 4 General Availability (and there will also be a 3.3.4 release with some security fixes as well, at the same time).

Appreciate everyone is excited to get it out, but we don’t want to be putting folks at risk by announcing security vulnerabilities over a weekend.

We’re nearly there folks! :rocket:


Thanks for all the support and patience folks!

4.0.0 is now released: Mautic 4: Standing Tall

3.3.4 is also released which contains back-ported security fixes. Please update to one or the other, at your earliest convenience :slight_smile: