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Getting ready for Mautic 4 - all details & timelines!

We’re getting ready to prepare Mautic 4! This will the fourth major release of Mautic, with some exciting new features, like the Mautic Marketplace and New Email Builder!

:warning: We need your help!

The more community contributions we get (code, documentation, etc.), the more awesome features we can bring to our users. More on that in the “How can I contribute?” section below.

Table of contents

Expected features

  • Mautic Marketplace
  • New Email Builder
  • PHP 8.0 support
  • Symfony 4 upgrade
  • Native Composer support
  • Cypress automated tests


Dates What
March 26 - 28 Mautic 4 Alpha Sprint
April 23 - 25 Mautic 4 Beta Sprint
May 14 - 16 Mautic 4 Release Candidate Sprint
May 21 - 23 Mautic 4 General Availability Sprint
May 24 Mautic 4 release :heart_eyes:

Alpha Sprint (March 26 - 28)

This is our very first Mautic 4 sprint. This will be all about laying the technical groundwork for Mautic 4 to build new features on. Without going into too much detail here, the most important aspect here is upgrading our technical dependencies (like Symfony). You likely won’t see new features yet in this sprint.

Required skill sets:

  • Developers (code + review)
  • Technical writers (documentation), to update our developer docs and user-facing docs where applicable. There will be breaking changes that we need to document!

Beta Sprint (April 23 - 25)

In this sprint, we’ll get more focused on user-facing features. It’s probably the most exciting of them all, because some shiny new functionality will come to life here! It also means that we’ll need more different skill sets.

Required skill sets:

  • Developers (code + review)
  • (non-technical) Writers for end-user facing documentation (“how does feature X work, how can I use it best?”)
  • Technical writers for developer documentation (walking through the existing docs, creating demo plugins, testing the API, all to verify if our docs are up to date)
  • Marketers to test the new features and help us prepare the communication strategy/material for Mautic 4

Release Candidate Sprint (May 14 - 16)

This sprint will be for fixing rough edges in Mautic 4. It’s the most crucial one, because it’s the final sprint before the general release. Smoke testing is key here. We’ll also be extensively testing the upgrade path for Mautic 3 to 4. In short: getting ready for release!

After this sprint, no further features and/or bug fixes will be considered (“freeze period”), except for critical, release-blocking bugs.

Required skill sets:

  • Same as the Beta Sprint
  • Testers! Both technical and non-technical. Test as many aspects of Mautic as possible, and try to break things on purpose. We want Mautic 4 to be bullet-proof! Who doesn’t want to do that? :smiley:

General Availability Sprint (May 21 - 23)

These are the final days before release (May 24). We’ll prepare all marketing and support channels for the release. There shouldn’t be any more release-blocking bugs at this point, but the sprint can act as a buffer for final bug fixes in the worst case.

Required skill sets:

  • Same as the Release Candidate sprint, but a focus on marketers and technical support

How can I contribute?

  • Join us in Slack on #Mautic-4 (get an invite at
  • Take a look at the sprint planning document here - this will be a living doc throughout the entire release process with the currently active sprint at the top of the page
  • Join the kick-off calls - we hold one at 10am CEST and 4pm CEST, and a wrap up call at 8pm CEST on each day of the sprints
  • Take a look at the sprint board (if you need access to Jira please ask in the Mautic 4 channel on Slack) and assign yourself to any tasks - please ping in Slack so we can ensure that work is not being duplicated!