Gmail suspended my account a couple hours after starting the campaign

You have reached a limit for sending mail. Your message was not sent.

Go that error or email back,

AM pretty new at this so any feedback or advise is much appreciated ,

Also, what is the best email server to use aside from google?

I think Gmail has a daily send limit as it’s not intended to be used for sending bulk email.

Mautic can connect up with pretty much any email provider. Amazon SES is probably the best balance of affordability and performance, but is quite complicated to get set up. Here is a great tutorial video.


Thanks been following Joey’s YT channel, but yeah, I never knew that until our account got suspended, I sent around 60k email

How about Digital Ocean? we already used that hosting, is that okay as well? Thanks

Digital Ocean is a server provider, I don’t think they offer an email sending service. U could set up your own email server on a Digital Ocean VPS (droplet) but that gets very techy as you have deal with managing the IP reputation, warming up the IP etc etc.

Amazon SES is my preferred choice. I use Digital Ocean to host my Mautics.


We had a long discussion about this some time ago.
Plz read this:

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Thank you so much, can you suggest best email provider I can route my Email, I will use Amazon SES but I wanted to have an access to the email response outside Amazon SES, can I do it to every email service provided like WebMail?

Thanks Joey!

yes you can,

You set up your email address/es as per normal based on the domain and via whoever will host your domain.

Then you use Amazon SES to snd email on behalf of that domain by setting up CNAME and SPF records. Joey’s video explains all that. Email replies will come into whatever email client you set up. Most hosts will also give you webmail access as well.

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just incase you want the numbers for using Gmail this shows everything for the amount of email per day.

I have a dedicated server, and I can send 50,000 a day it’s all about the hosting you’re on and what is free vs paid. Just like with any technology you get for what you pay, you pay nothing you get really nothing you pay for something it works out a lot better overall.

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Thank you guys, I understand it better now. I appreciate you all