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Recommendation on service to send email

We are currently using Amazon SES. It’s slow. Very slow.

Has anyone got recommendation on a service provider or setup that will allow us to send emails out faster than Amazon SES?

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Hi, I use

Do you use the normal account or the PRO version on Elastic mail?

I use normal account 0,09 per 1000 emails.

Hopefully, this thread will help. It allowed me to increse send rate with Amazon SES:

We have used Sendgrid and Mailgun in the past, both very good. I did try elasticemail, however found that my open rate was not great there.

@gregorybrad - Amazon SES is usually considered one of the better email services. In my experience with it, it sends as quickly as you would expect. What exactly is slow about it?

The issue could be your cronjobs running every 15 mins which is a common limit on shared hosting services. This may be the cause of your delay if you haven’t determined otherwise. If your cronjobs are limited, there are ways to get your cronjobs to run on an external service (for free) and have them execute every minute. DM me if this is something you’d be interested in setting up.

Hey @sourdoughbread

We are hosting on our side and i have the cronjobs set to run every minute or two.
I believe its a problem with the way its written that it sends it over SMTP and not the API.

I believe it’s due to be released soon, but i could patch things for now… but really dont want too. Dont know enough about the code base and how to do these patches they talk about.

It looks like it will only be added in 3.1