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Very slow email sending speed

Off-late I was trying to send email to a opt-in list of 18k subscribers. But, observed that email sending speed was too slow, overall speed came around 1 email per second.

So, can you please tell, on what factors this email sending speed depends? If I increase the server speed, then, we will get high email sending speed?

or, this required some fixes?

Off-late I was trying to send email to a opt-in list of 18k subscribers. But, observed that email sending speed was too slow, overall speed came around 1 email per second.
So, can you please tell, on what factors this email sending speed depends? If I increase the server speed, then, we will get high email sending speed?
or, this required some fixes?

Currently sending speeds have two possible scenarios:

  1. Sending through Mandrill allows us to send batches of 100 (Mandrill’s maximum) at a time. Now with mandrill all we do is send the message and the recipients - that service will send them at their own pace (which is usually pretty fast - but I’ve seen delays up to 5 - 10 minutes at times)

  2. Sending mails through any other provider we currently support (php mail, amazon ses, etc…) we send ‘one at a time’. This obviously takes considerably longer for the queue to complete. Due to trying to allow mautic to be supported on shared hosting providers, we have to limit the number of mails that we send to prevent the shared server from just denying all the requests. On top of that we also have an issue where CPU / Ram usage skyrockets during mail sending. We fixed that by adding a “sleep()”, which gives the app a second to breath. Unfortunately that sleep also slows down sending.

We believe we can try to resolve the sleep issue or come up with a better plan, there’s been some chat about it on Slack. Ultimately though using a shared provider is going to be the biggest limiting factor for mass email sends. We might try to offer a toggle in the configuration to allow the user to be able to decide to ignore any possible limitations and just go for it (eg: if they’re on a VPS or dedicated box and they know there won’t be any issues).

Also, we do plan to try to more fully integrate other mail apis like Amazon SES to batch-send through them like we do with Mandrill. We did Mandrill first but eventually we want to add more.

If this is a huge issue many users are seeing maybe some community devs can help out and brain storm to come up with solutions! Obviously not all our users are devs (nor should they be!), but we can use all the help we can get!

@ankitpr89 @chad.windnagle
We are integrated with Amazon SES and it appears that in sending 100k emails the speed is unusable. Has there been any further work or thinking in this area? Is Mandrill better at this point?

This is a huge problem for me, I have a dedicated smtp server and can’t get 200 emails an hour through the system, and I have a list of 30k people. I will do what needs to be done to make this work, so initially, don’t focus on all the different possible configurations, get us (folks with bigger lists) 1 or 2 options that work, whether that is our own hosted smtp, amazon ses, or whatever your solution is, then we can decide whether we want to pursue that direction, then work on adding additional solutions down the road.

Right now I have to daily export from Mautic, import to my mail list solution and send, and then I have to deal with two dashboards for opens and tracking and all that.

@healthstatus I agree with you… A huge problem. I am looking at a direct Amazon SES API integration. Have you considered the approach? How are you doing the daily export and import?

It has been the last two weeks that we tried to move this part of our marketing into Mautic, we have a dedicated SMTP server that we thought when we sent out an email to our general list that it would just go. So we spent 4-5 days figuring out what was going on. If I have to spend some money to get this thing working, I am not opposed to that. I am sure SES can handle the loads, I just am not sure at the moment that the architecture of the mailing side of Mautic can supply a high quantity of emails up the channel rapidly.

The campaigns and forms aspect of Mautic is great, but I have to send 3-4 emails a week to my general list to keep them engaged. Mautic can’t do that for me at this point.

We just run a script against the leads table to export the fields we need each day for our mailing software, then we import that file. But we are losing all the connections of someone that opens an email on a phone/tablet when they signed up on laptop/desktop and are missing a lot of scoring opportunities.

@healthstatus Thanks for the lengthy reply. This is very helplful. We are going to explore over the next several days a direct Amazon SES API integration and I will let you know. I am in your boat which means I have to get this to scale.

@StrongMinds any update on this "direct Amazon SES API integration?

@chad.windnagle @StrongMinds @ankitpr89
I have just installed Mautic and was unaware of that obstacle until I read this post by accident. Until quite recently, I was using Sendy with Amazon SES to deliver some 100K newsletters per 48 hours. Does this obstacle still exist? Are there any alternatives? Meaning apart from the recently embedded to Mail Chimp, Mandrill with a bit better performance in Mautic but still not enough.

Hello. I am asking for anyone’s help here to illuminate me whether the issue with Mautic’s email sending with very low speeds still exists or it has been resolved. I need to know this prior to initiating a mass mail campaign to some 100K subsribers.

For the record in Mautic’s eMail Settings, I am using Amazon SES under the SMTP Server option, I have tested it and it is operational, as so are the cron jobs “email:process” “campaigns:trigger” “campaigns:update” “leadlists:update”. Finally, the database of my subscribers is already uploaded.

The question are: at what rate will this list be processed and in a limited scenario what else should I do to execute this campaign within Mautic.

I am thanking in advance anyone who can drop a line of advise here.

Is there any solution to this issue already? I’m with Amazon SES SMTP and am facing this problem right now.

What is your audience size, what is your server configuration, what version of Mautic, can you screen shot your Mautic email server configuration and post it here, etc etc. You’ve left everyone flying a little blind.

@JoPitts ,

Here you can find attached screenshot of my Email Settings:

I changed the settings yesterday to Queue, instead of Immediately sending, but the emails didn’t send at all.

My list is with almost 12000 subscribers. For around 20 minutes staying on the sending page, I managed to send 400 emails only while I was on the Immediately Sending option, which is not workable.

I’m using shared hosting with lot’s of resources and PHP 5.6.25.

What else do you need and can you help me solving this issue?

@boyan have you setup CRON jobs ?

@fabian , yes, but I’m getting this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘$result’ (T_VARIABLE) in /home/interac/ on line 136

I’m not using anything from Citrix and don’t want to use them at all. How can I fix this?

I tried with PHP 5.6.25 and 7.0.10 of my hosting and it’s the same. Please help!

Hi all,

We’re sending some campaigns to 50,000 + contacts and (as many have said), this is taking far too long (e.g. 20 hours). We’ve tried SMTP and then went through the API. The API was faster, but using it brought was a negligible increase in speed. Amazon is a major player in this field and it seems odd that there is an incompatibility between them.

Has anybody had any joy with Amazon yet?



Yeah we use local Postfix. Just watch you don’t flood destination mailservers as they will mark you as spam and black list. Postfix has a great feature to throttle email delivery to sensitive hosts. That then lets you tune your delivery to specific mailservers/domains.