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We face low sending speed. Help/advice needed!

Hello dear Team,

we have a Basic plan on Amazon and we use SES service. We use Mautic as e-mail client, and we host it at SmarterASP.NET, we have 1 static IP address and a domain. We started sending an e-mail message/newsletter to 1000 e-mail addresses at once. As I can see the sending goes, but very slow. Can you please share with us why do we have such low speed in practice (you can see how the process goes on the following screen: - those are times when the e-mail is sent to a single e-mail address, and as you can see in many cases it takes a couple minutes between 2 sendings, which should not be the case).
Can you share what is causing the low sending speed? Is it something at our side or it is something related to some other issue generator and what that might be? How can we check/test/fix ourselves? Is there any way to increase the practical sending speed and how? Can you please provide any details that can help us?

Thank you so much in advance!

The problem with Amazon SES: Mautic is not using the API, but the SMTP connection. Thats much slower. If you want to have faster speeds, you might want to use a provider with API connector, such as Mailjet or Sparkpost. Or you may help pushing Amazon SES API connection forward as a feature :wink:

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@ivanskmkd Sending email is a complex topic, sending email through SES is even harder, there are too many variables in sending speed to give you a definitive answer without knowing a lot more about your setup. Anyway, let’s try…

Is smarterASP.NET a Linux or Windows host? If Windows, would you consider moving it to Linux?

Thank you for reply @Yosu_Cadilla, it is Windows hosting package but we cannot change it, because there are different stuff we host there. How is Windows hosting troubling the sending process?
Thank you :slight_smile:

How is Windows hosting troubling the sending process?
It probably isn’t, but that’s not the issue…
Most of the help you will find around here is for Linux based environments, that’s the issue, and you’re gonna need a lot of help (we all do).
Get a $20 Linux VPS, it will make your (Mautic-related) life much easier!

Let’s keep going…
What did you mean exactly by: “We use Mautic as e-mail client”

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Thank you for the advice about the hosting @Yosu_Cadilla.
“We use Mautic as e-mail client” - sorry if this is making any confusion. I mean that Mautic is the app where we hold our e-mail addresses databases, Amazon SES configuration, and we use it to send the already custom prepared Newsletter.
If you don’t mind, I would like to know why do you ask?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Can’t help you if I don’t understand the issue…
An email client is (usually) where you read your email.

To send emails at a faster rate than what SMTP offers, you can also use this library. It’s custom, but worked well in production.

It will watch spool directory, and spawn multiple php process to send SwiftMailer file, because email:send cron is too slow.

there is file-locking mechanism which allow only 1 PHP process can access 1 mail message, to ensure the same message is sent by more than one PHP process

Just make sure to replace the dependancy "jmhobbs/swiftmailer-transport-aws-ses": "0.9.2" by

More details here:

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If you have a different mail client for testing, try that to figure out if the issue is mautic specific, or OS issue.
DNS lookup can cause slowness in sending emails. Try to run the ping command on the mautic server to one of the email’s domain, and see if it locate the IP number fast.

Good luck,