How are you actually sending your emails out?

my host is constantly blocking me…and I try to send like 50 per hour…
i was also not approved with amazon ses…
I have a subsrribers list of 20000 people and i cant send out emails

Well, I have used mailgun, though I am sure its also manageable using AmazonSAS.

In my experiance until you are verified, you can send only a couple of emails per hour.

Double check that you are really sending 50 emails/h.

Not sure about why your host provider would block you. Is it possible that you hit some kind of limit on traffic? Maybe you can give it a try to some other provider? I am using Contabo.

contabo? FOr email sending or for hosting mautic? Which package exactly
i cant figure out they have so many packages, bare bones, full vps etc…

Contabo for hosting Mautic. Which package depends on your needs. I used VPS S so far: < VPS with the Best Price-to-Performance Ratio | Contabo >. I suspect this would cover your needs as well.

If you need professional assistance in setting up and maintaining mautic, feel free to reach out.

Regards, M.