Horizontal Scaling Mautic in Docker instances

Hey team

We have been working on our autoscaling docker swarm (auto scaling for both the server and docker environments).
N8N is now operational but now looking at our Mautic environments.

Are there any decent documentation or guides on how to make mautic a horizontal scaling environment?
and ideally best practices within a docker environment.

Been reading up on worker queues but need more information and guidance

Also what would be the best approach for database management for a scaling environment?

very interested in following this thread and see what you are going to come up with @tornmarketing.
Check out these two article threads:

  1. Scaling Out a Mautic Cluster with Multiple App Servers - Autoize
  2. Hosting Large Instances of Mautic with Horizontal Scaling - Autoize
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Many have tried, most (if not all) have failed…
Most people who want to do Horizontal scaling end doing nothing more than throwing more hardware at the problem, you don’t need HS for that, just get a bigger server…

You need a really deep understanding of the technologies involved and you need an application properly designed for HS, which Mautic is not.