Mautic and Kubernetes K8

Hey team

Researching broadly how we can efficiently move alot of our software to scaleable systems.
Mautic being on the top of the list now

We are running Kubeapps and looking at effectively rebuilding how we manage our mautic stack
Historically its running a single server for mautic functions (PHP) and a scalegrid database instance

What are the actual components of mautic that we can scale?

Keen to understand if anyone has moved the needle in these projects privately
GitHub - FacetInteractive/mautic-k8s: High Availability, scalable configuration of Mautic K8s with Helm Charts (V2 Feb 21)

GitHub - skippednote/ha-mautic-k8s (V4 Dec 22)
Unsure if this one is configured correctly, I see a scaler but unsure what it is scaling and the redis created but I dont see any config against mautic.

Keen to understand the following

  1. if mautic has a worker for horizontal scaling (or what could be scaled ignoring DB)
  2. how to config redis on install (yet to find proper documentation on this)
  3. rabbitmq and queuing on install (again really poor documentation)

Saw a slack channel in mautic but nothing recent and mautic V2 centric, a little but redundant as we move forward with v5

Seen these but the biggest advantage is a different db setup -
MariaDB Galera Cluster