How can i extend user object?

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PHP Version 7.4.29
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My problem is:
i need to extend the current user object, to add a new fields, so that i can use the new field as a variable in the emails
These errors are showing in the log:

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User as marketer or user as lead?

if lead… you can add custom fields via gui.

if marketer… i would add new table lets say user_meta with FK user id to users table and add the columns you need.

Then you need to register field from user_meta table as token (you need to subscribe to some events to get the field available in emails - but again so far I have done this for leads only - so not really sure if its possible for marketer).

Provide a little bit more context for further discussion if interested.

yes exactly i meant user as marketer. What you wrote me makes sense, I can start from it, later I’ll let you know if there is something new, because I think that is a feature that is reusable by many. I have found a Plug-in which allows us to create more Custom-objects, but that did .
Thank you ^^