How grapesjs-preset-mautic can be used in mautic instance?

How can I integrate this grapesjs-preset-mautic into my mautic instance?
I cannot get it from the Readme file given in the repo.

Objective: The main objective of using grapesjs-preset-mautic is to add custom blocks in my mautic grapesjs builder.

How I can achieve that?

I could be wrong but when I read what it adds, it look like it already have those included in default Mautic 4 GrapesJS.

Are you missing something in your GrapesJS?

You can follow this tutorial to add new blocks:

@techbill I cannot see in mautic grapesjs builder where it can add custom blocks.

@joeyk Thanks for your reply. I was looking for something that can work within the mautic for custom blocks. I think this link works for website or for external sources not for mautic instance.
Please help me if this tutorial can be used along with mautic instance.

Thanks in advance.

Mautic uses grapesjs as email builder.
It’s a third party vendor basically.
In order to add new blocks to the grapesjs builder you need to modify the grapesjs builder.
I hope that makes sense.

Thanks @joeyk . I got your point.
So, following this tutorial can I use grapesjs-preset-mautic instead of grapesjs-preset-webpage ?

I don’t know your skills, but this is a good starting point.
I encourage you to duckduckgo the interwebs to learn how to code with grapesjs.